Like bringing a beet to a beer fight

13 02 2012

I’m at Brouwer’s the other weekend, and my first pick (Deschutes’ Stoic) was shot down. So I went with the Epic Beet Down.

Pour: Goldish-orange with a touch of red. Cloudy; definitely not a beer to take a picture through. No carbonation to speak of; the head lasted seconds before collapsing.

First sip: This is a really delightful shandy with a touch of honey. The pucker is strong, the effervescence is right-on, and the flavor dances across the tongue. That flavor isn’t well defined, beyond the lemon and touch of honey, except for perhaps a hit of earthiness.

Second sip-sixth sip: There’s beet in this beer. And I don’t know if that’s a good thing. Epic is very good at pushing limits with their concoctions, often taking some real risks in their adjuvants (shiitake mushrooms? spearmint?).

Here, however, the beet adds sweetness without in the end giving balance to the beer. And I wonder how they used the beets. Were they raw? Roasted? Pureed? Whatever the case, I feel as if the essential sweetness of the beet hadn’t been tempered, or that (perhaps) the beet sweetness feeds the pucker, rather than attacks it.

Seventh sip: This is still a damn good beer. But I don’t need as much of this beer as I’ve been given. This is a palate-cleanser, not a full pint.

Tenth sip: A roasted hint. But not enough. Curse this beer.

20th sip: Yuck.


50th sip: Fucker, you’re going down.

Gulp – gulp – glup

Winner. And still champeen. But at what cost?

($5.00. And intestinal fortitude.)



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13 02 2012
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